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AEV Updates ProCal, Now Includes 2013 JK Wranglers AEV is pleased to announce the launch of the updated ProCal Module. This new version will continue to offer all of the same great recalibration capabilities, but it now offers enhanced features and is fully compatible with the 2013 JK Wrangler. This means that for all of your customers with 2013 JKs who want ring and pinion changes, there is no more concern about the vehicle going into limp-mode after the change has been made.
Overall, the updated ProCal Module remains a plug-and-play solution. To use it simply set its dip switches according to AEV’s instructions, turn the ignition to Run, plug the ProCal Module into the JK’s OBD port, and the horn will honk immediately signifying that your recalibration is complete. It’s fast and simple!
As a reminder of what the ProCal Module can do, here is a quick review of its great recalibration capabilities:
1) Speedometer and Gear Ratio Correction to compensate for tire size and gear ratio changes. After changing tire size, it’s important to correct speedometer accuracy for proper mileage, automatic transmission shift points, ESP (Stability Control) and general performance. This is for all JK variants with all transmissions.
2) Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) control for running lower-than-stock tire pressures without activating the JK’s low tire pressure warning light.
3) Daytime Running Lamp Enable or Disable function. This allows you to select the style and location of DRLs to use, or disable the system completely. Note: This function has been improved in the updated ProCal Module.
4) Temporary engine high-idle capability for increased performance of Jeep-mounted winches, welders and air compressors. Works with all Gas engines including 3.6L, but Diesel only up to 2010. Note: This feature has been improved in the updated ProCal Module. There is no longer a 4.5 minute time out, which makes it more useful for welding.
5) Engine diagnostic code clearing.
6) Steering wheel on-center verification, for use on an alignment rack to ensure a perfectly centered steering wheel.

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